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Ducati Corse 13 Boot
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Corse 13 Boot

Product Description

Corse 13 Racing Boots

Developed in collaboration with TCX®, a leading brand in the development of technical bike boots, Ducati Corse racing boots stand out for their high-tech design, the use of top quality materials, and a manufacturing technique that combines handcrafting with advanced technology. The boot profile is aggressive but not excessive, harmonic and immediately recognisable as a product conceived for high level motorbike racing performance. The total comfort of Ducati Corse boots, combined with the Precise Air Fit System, is the outcome of targeted design and the use of the best materials. For example, the anatomic "Race Performance" insole is in particularly light, breathable expanded polyurethane. It is enhanced with a gel insert in the heel area to help absorb vibrations and soften impact. Its special shape follows the profile of the foot with differential thicknesses to correctly support the foot arch, forefoot, and heel. Around the ankle bone and heel the padding is particularly close fitting to avoid the irritating effect of the heel lift inside the boot. The Lycra lining is injected directly onto the padding to complete the comfort of these unique boots. Precise Air Fit is a system comprising a genuine air chamber in antibacterial and anti-allergenic polyurethane which, thanks to the pump located at the top of the boot leg, can vary in volume. The air chamber is divided into areas of differential thickness, designed to best adapt to the shape of the ankle and shinbone once inflated. The pump is used to progressively inflate the air chamber, adjusting the pressure on the feet and optimising the fit. A release valve in brass and steel provides fine adjustment and complete deflation of the air chamber to simplify boot removal after use. The Torsion Control System® incorporated into the boot is a development of the ankle protection system patented by TCX®. The evolution of the material has moved toward reducing the overall weight of the boot, to increase the mechanical control over the movements of the ankle and leg, as well as increasing impact resistance. The system includes an ankle-impact slider and a new rear slider to increase boot slide, reducing the risk of dangerous torsional forces in cases of falls on asphalt. Both are made in high wear, impact resistant aluminium alloy with a titanium colour finish to best blend into the boot profile. This boot is EC certified.

Ducati Corse racing boots meet the requirements of any sport motorcyclist; from professional riders to Sport Touring motorcyclists. Here is a deepening of patented technologies contained:

Torsion Control System® - Carbon Tech - The system features a new garment that is functional and aesthetically attractive due to the insertion of carbon fibre injected into the polyurethane structure.

The purpose of this carbon fibre is:

  • To reduce the weight of the boot
  • To increase the structural support of the system to aid mechanical movement and control the foot/ leg
  • To increase resistance to impact in the event of a fall

The Carbon tech version of the T.C.S.® system is also enhanced with a new joint positioned at the top of the boot. This joint has been designed to increase flexibility at the rear of the boot and allow the leg to return rapidly to the initial driving position.

This sliding pocket on the rear of the boot improves mechanical movement along the lateral and longitudinal axes of the ankle, increasing, moreover, the boot's hold on the calf and shinbone when bent.

The system is fitted with an Ankle-impact slider positioned on the outer side of the ankle and a rear slider that limits friction with asphalt and encourages sliding in the event of a fall. Both sliders are made from aluminium alloy that is highly resistant to wear and impact.

Metatarsial Control System® (M.C.S.®)

The M.C.S.® system uses the same concept as T.C.S.® and has been designed to control upward and downward bending of the metatarsal. This is achieved through two stopping points designed to prevent any lesions to the joint. The system is equipped with an aluminum alloy slider that is resistant wear and easily interchangeable due to a convenient system with protected screws.

Precise Air Fit System® - P.A.F.S.®

The idea was devised from a very simple analysis:

  • the volume of the human foot varies depending on the anatomical characteristics of each individual (particularly in the instep, heel and calf). Conversely, boots have a fixed volume, using a specific form of fitting, and adapt to the foot only via dedicated closing and fastening systems such as lacing systems, zips or VelcroTM.
  • The perfect solution to this big motorcycling need is the Air Precise Fit System®. This system is a revolutionary alternative to the traditional inner fastening.

The system comprises a physical air chamber, made from antibacterial, antiallergenic polyurethane of differing thicknesses positioned beneath the front fold of the boot in balance with the instep and shinbone areas.

The system is also fitted with a polyurethane pump, housed in the supporting structure at the top of the boot, that uses fast, simple pressure to gradually inflate the air chamber.

This allows the boot to adapt perfectly to the shape of the foot/leg, offering a precise fit and the ability to personalise the boot depending on the individual requirements of the motorcyclist.

The practical Air Release system (that comprises an anti-rust, brass and steel valve) is positioned above the P.A.F. System® and allows you to quickly release air after using the boot on a track or road.

The main benefits of the system are:

  • precise fit: guaranteed by the inner volume adjustment system. Can be personalised depending on the shape of the foot and the level of performance required
  • extreme comfort: the "filling" effect that the air produces as well as the presence of an insole in expanded material with Shock Absorption Foam in the heel and the shaped padding around the ankle give the boot unprecedented comfort
  • easy fit: the Precise Air Fit System® housed inside the boot gives a practical and fast fit that can be adjusted by closing the zip and VelcroTM as well as by simply "inflating" the air chamber
  • better protection: the air chamber, if inflated correctly, completes the boot's safety features (represented by T.C.S.® and M.C.S.®), protecting the instep and shinbone in the event of impact.


  • Shin protector with metal mesh air inlet
  • PU gearshift protector guard and suede leather insert on the inside leg to provide a smooth surface free of any snag points for improved grip on the bike frame
  • Front and back sliders in ultra light alloy, highly wear resistant and interchangeable
  • Ankle impact slider over ankle bone

Materials - Upper

  • Microfiber with micro injection inserts and metal mesh air inlets

Materials - Lining

  • Breathable Air Tech, with bicomponent differential thickness expanded PU padding with "memory system", and Lycra® lining

Materials - Outsole

  • 2 colour injected, with specific grip areas


  • Closure - Zip and VelcroTM strap, fit adjustment system
  • Insole - "Race Performance", anatomic in expanded polyurethane with anti-shock insert in the heel zone
  • CE certified boot (EN 13634:2010 standard)

Patented tecnologies

  • P.A.F.S. Precise Air Fit System: optimised fit with differentiated zone air chamber
  • T.C.S.® Torsion Control System: optimised design, carbon fibre inserts for reduced weight
  • M.C.S.® Metatarsal Control System: new design anti-flex system in the metatarsal zone

Size: 38-47
Colour: Black/White/Red
Ref: 9810202